About the Kentville Marlins


The Kentville Marlins Swim Team is a community club established with an objective to provide children and youths access to an affordable and accessible summer swimming program.


The team offers children and youth ages 5 to 18 from varied economic and social backgrounds, the opportunity to become a member of a vibrant and supportive team. Children and youths not only have access to swimming related skill development and one-on-one training, as well as opportunity to participate in swimming events which help build individual confidence and promote a healthy and active lifestyle but also have opportunities to learn team building and to build social network. Kentville Marlins provided the youths in the community with a positive experience, helped the youths improve in the sport of swimming and provided more competitive swimmers with an avenue to compete provincially.

Kentville Marlins is a non-profit organization that is managed by volunteering Executives and parents, with training provided by certified coaches. Kentville Marlins operates on the funds collected through the government grants, sponsorship donations, membership fees and the revenue generated by fund raising activities.

Some swimmers will choose to not compete or compete minimally. These swimmers are a part of the team to improve their swimming skills and have regular physical activity. The competitive swimmers are the youth who train regularly, strive to improve quickly and attend more meets where they experience competition. While Kentville Marlin Swim Team is helping individual swimmers to achieve their personal objectives in swimming, we aim to remain competitive in the province.